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We are committed to providing the best quality, reasonable cost, and on-time delivery of the product that surely meets customer satisfaction.

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Continuously aspiring to improve our technology while aiming for customer satisfaction and maintain our stand as the leading manufacturer in this field


With rising material costs and heightened sensitivity to price increases, there is no room for waste in the company. Makoto offers a one-stop process for metals, die-cast, and plastic items. Also, we offer in-house solutions for additional fabrications, finishing processes, or assembly operations in any ordered items at a competitive price. The traceability of the process of each items are easy to monitor, we guarantee high-quality items and on-time delivery in the products we manufacture.

The purchase order serves as a contract between our customers to lay out the details of what they will require us to deliver. After thorough communication with customers, purchase orders are received. The purchase order indicates the types, quantities, and agreed prices for products they need. When a purchase order is received, material procurement done by our purchasing department will follow.

Committed to satisfying the needs and convenience of customers, Makoto has started as procurement of aluminum and brass materials and processing business. Ensuring that the purchased parts are of a specific quality, as defined by the manufacturing, quality department, or customer request, we ensure that the quality of the materials we procure is maintained. In pursuit of meeting customer demand, we have expanded the range of materials and its forms. Also, as customers located overseas, we handle the import and export of materials. We make sure that we clearly communicate what corresponding type of material is needed for each item based on the standard of where the customer is located.

We continuously aspire to improve our technology while aiming for customer satisfaction and maintain our stand as the leading manufacturer in this field. We assure the product we produce is in high accuracy and best quality while providing quick responses to customer's requests.

Makoto has some customers that require plating in their items. The possible surface treatments that we can offer are: GB Bam, Bam, Sebam, Bamdi, CCU, NiCr and many more. We strictly implement quality controls in the surface treatment required for each item (painting, engraving included) to meet the requirements set by customers. We always make sure that the items delivered are of the best quality.

For many years, we've been delivering assembled products to our customers according to the specifications needed. Makoto does the in-house assembly of products that makes it convenient and incur less lead time. Moreover, there is no need to move the product from one company to another for assembling the items. We do the assembly process that fits what is needed by our customers.

Makoto makes sure that the product fits the predetermined specifications and that the product is safe to use and of high quality. We verify product quality through incoming, in-process, and final inspections.

In achieving total customer satisfaction, we do our best to provide the best quality of service both in quality and delivery by meeting or exceeding customer expectations through complying with all applicable requirements and continual improvement of the quality management system.

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We commit to satisfy our customers locally and internationally by producing superior quality products all the time.

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