Working today possesses many challenges for employees. Difficulties in balancing work and private life are common because most people in employment spend a substantial number of hours at work. Makoto considers achieving a work-life balance and targeting measures to promote this. The goal is not only to make employees more productive but also happier and more balanced. We apply a holistic approach to the activities in our company that encourages our employees to participate. All their efforts and time rendered were surely recognized which doesn’t just benefit them but also the company. The activities mentioned below are practiced and constantly improved within our work environment.


Seeking small improvements in processes and products to increase quality and reducing waste is one of the main goals of Makoto. Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. Makoto challenges its employees to share their ideas or suggestions to further improve the current process to measure its effectiveness to meet the objectives set to satisfy customers.

Each month, we conduct direct and indirect kaizen activities. We meet with every kaizen in-charge in the production and assess their ideas based on its benefits and impact on the problem being addressed. Any ideas are accepted, even if it is not feasible, because it helps each one of us to think more outside the box and be more resourceful not just to the problems encountered in the company but also in our daily activities.

All the employees are not just encouraged but are trained to come up with ideas for new projects, solutions and improvements. Every year we held an activity wherein we showcase all the improvement projects. Furthermore, we guarantee to award them to make sure that their effort and time invested in making it into success are paid off. In other words, we bring any ideas into reality.


Training isn’t just important to any company, it is vital. It helps empower employees and leaders to align shared goals and objectives. Moreover, it helps increase the long-term health and performance of the company. We look for different pieces of training by assessing the skills of our employees then evaluate what necessary training to conduct. Training may incur downtime but the benefit it gives is significant.

Training helps improve an employee’s performance which increases their satisfaction and morale. It creates a supportive workplace which shows that the employees are valued. With this, they will have a greater understanding of their responsibilities within their role, and in turn, build their confidence. This confidence will enhance the employees’ overall performance which benefits the company in return. Increased efficiency in processes will ensure project success increasing innovation and new strategies for improvement. With this, great ideas can be gathered and brought into reality.


Makoto subscribes to this responsibility by having activities each year so that we become more flexible and prepared to face difficulties as a company or individual.
We do our best to provide a healthy and safe work environment and processes that enable our employees to work injury and illness free.

We always make sure to conduct a series of training and orientations regarding the factors that might hinder our objective in achieving an injury and illness free workplace. Furthermore, we conduct environmental activity once a year as our response to Global Warming. Not only we help restore life quality, contribute to the environment, and help fight climate change, but we also set an example to all our employees that we care and love our Mother Earth.


We support our employees’ work-and-life balance activities. Every year, there is a sports activity within the premises of where our company is located. We join in some tournaments like volleyball, basketball, and football. But that doesn’t stop there, we also compete nationally. Also, we provide a free Soccer Class for our employees’ children in collaboration with one of the soccer team in our region.

We perform the said activities alongside our normal duties, and finding the right balance between the two is indeed a challenge. It trains us, employees, to be more flexible. With this, we bring out more the best in each one of us and make us more confident in everything that we do.