Makoto started from a small die-casting company with only less than ten employees to a die-casting, optical lens and metal manufacturing company with over a thousand employees. In the demanding business world, learning is of critical importance. The application of what has been learned to the workplace through the successful transfer of training and a positive work environment is what measures individual and corporate performance.

We provide series of training to help our employees understand the flow of the process in the company. They were trained by corporate companies in Japan for a specific period wherein they acquire the necessary skills needed. The skills learned by Japanese employees were passed to Filipino employees of our company. Through this, Makoto challenges each employee to excel and progress not just an employee but as an individual. Moreover, this serves as a tradition within the company to improve and turn-over to co-employee what they gain and learn in the company.

For over 25 years, Makoto has provided continuous training to all its employees to improve not just their skills but also holistically.

Makoto never hesitates to help each individual grow and excel out of their comfort zones. We don’t settle for less. We always seek to improve in any aspect to ensure that we manufacture with excellence. The employees who were allowed to be trained by Japanese Employees and acquired skills in their service in the company are the ones who provide training to the younger generation within the company. They share their knowledge with the operators or technicians whenever they need help or guidance with the problems they encounter during the trial or mass production stage. 

We practice sharing our knowledge so that we will grow together and excel as one. In conclusion, it is the sweat and blood of an employee who takes companies to heights. Therefore, staff productivity should be increased by keeping the workers happy and motivated by appreciating their work and rewarding them in any possible means.