Makoto engaged in the manufacturing lens and assembly of a microscope. It strives to gain improvement in its capabilities as an integrated supplier of optical component products. It continually searches to have a well-designed management system. Our production focuses on customer satisfaction, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management to create value for our suppliers and other interested parties. We commit to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction to produce and deliver a superior quality product on time to our customers.

Every lens is scrutinized thoroughly through visual and dimensional checking. In cleaning the lenses from dust, material projections, and other particles, on their surface, each workstation is equipped with air blow guns and is systematically dusted with special fabric cloths. The inspection points are based on customer requirements. Furthermore, to ensure the high superior-good quality products delivered to our customers, our inspectors are annually trained to maintain the consistency of their inspection process.

‘’Quality of products is our predominant priority in ensuring customer’s satisfaction through our expertise in Optical Lens Manufacturing and through the decades of being in the industry‘’