Designing the mold is vital for every die-cast item. There is a significant link between the design and manufacturing of dies and molds, and the entire production chain. The quality of the dies and molds directly affect the quality of the produced parts. Furthermore, it needs to undergo flow analysis using SOLIDWORKS, NX and MAGMASOFT respectively to trace its feasibility. It guarantees three things; first, rework can be eliminated. Second, scrap can be reduced. Lastly, the quality of the item cannot be compromised. This assures a result in a higher productivity rate and cost-savings.

We make die mold in-house on selected casting part. For complicated designs of mold, we tap advice from a Japanese company that specializes in die-mold making. Moreover, the die molds undergo several trials and testing to make sure it fits to what must die-cast product for mass production. We also standardize our processes like EDM, Wire-cutting, Grinding, and some machines whilst improving our performance.