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Can we expect some support service during product development process? ( Such as input or opinion on die-cast item design for better productivity or cost saving, etc.)

Yes, MMTI have technical support personnel’s who are specialized in different specificfields and are experts such as Die Mold Maker Engineer and Magma Simulation in-charge, Die Cast Specialist, Product Engineering Manager, etc. Also, if there are otherconcerns or problems that are beyond their skills and capabilities, MMTI have othertechnical experts to consult at Japan.

Do you have any activities being practices to improve your process?

Yes, we have activities in the company like Quality Meetings, CFT Meetings, Trainings,Orientations and Kaizen. In Kaizen Projects, it is categorized into two (2) activities andthese are the direct and indirect kaizen projects. Wherein, Group Leaders and Engineersare encouraged to share their unique ideas prior to continuous improvement of theexisting activity as well as to contribute new ideas which could help improve to minimizewastes and increase the productivity and efficiency rates.

How do you dispose your hazardous wastes and by-products?

Since were using lot of chemicals and other consumables for the processing, it’s partof our commitment keeping our environment safe and clean by our water treatmentfacilities, timely and efficient waste collection by our government accredited thirdparty collectors for the disposal of our solid wastes.

How long will it take to make a jig design?

It depends on the form, size, shape and product specifications. For example, strictproduct with complex shape product design would take 6-12 hours to design and simpleproduct would take 2-3 hours to design.