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With the motto of “Bringing ideas into reality.” we strive to be the best manufacturing company with excellence to give the utmost customer satisfaction not only with high-quality products but also to cost, delivery time, and customer service.

Makoto specializes in precision mechanical parts manufacturing and unit assembly process. We engage in producing products by maximizing the skills & knowledge gained through years of experience in the field of precision machining and die-casting. The designing and fabrication of jigs for all machining processes are done in house to ensure the accuracy and speed during the trial to the mass production stage of producing precise and complex items. We’ve been producing optical products consistently for over 50 years. We have in-house optical lens production and assembling of optical products as an OEM supplier for renowned companies. Our products are carefully inspected on site and passed the strict quality level under the quality management system standards.

We are a group company consisting of Makoto Light Metal, Philippine Makoto, and Makoto Metal Technology. We can provide integrated production at our factory, from material procurement, casting, cutting, glass lens processing, and assembly. We can respond to our customers’ ideas into reality.




“We manufacture with excellence. Bringing ideas into reality.”