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For over 26 years, Makoto has provided continuous training to all its employees to improve not just their skills but also holistically.

Makoto started as a wholesaler of materials and expanded its business to machining and die-casting in response to the changes and rising demands in Japan. We ventured to other countries, specifically in Cebu, Philippines for business expansion and started as a small die-casting company with only less than ten employees. We grew to become an integrated manufacturer of die-casting, optical lens, metal machining, and unit assembly service supplier with over a thousand employees. To all of our employees to continually grow and learn, we strive to maintain a positive work environment and successful training conducted to deliver even better products to our customers.

Many of our employees have been visiting Japan for a specific period wherein they acquire the skills and knowledge continually. We exert effort to pass the skills and culture from Japanese expatriates to our Filipino employees. Through this, Makoto challenges each employee to excel and progress not only as an employee but as an individual.  A tradition developed within the company wherein there will be a turn-over of the knowledge and skills that one employee gains and learns in the company to have a culture in which departments work together without gaps and resolve problems that possibly occur.

It has been over 26 years after Makoto was established here in the Philippines. In the recent years, we ventured out into a new field which is product development which focuses more on mechanical designs. Our trained employees in Cebu are taking lead in this step.

We will continue to share our knowledge and skills so that we will grow together and excel as one. Also, we continuously improve all the learnings we inherited to produce better quality products at all times. All products made by Makoto proudly made through Makoto’s way. Products and services manufactured wherever and whenever are assured of the best quality.