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Do you follow on-time delivery date?

Yes, we are committed to deliver good quality products on-time to our customers. During unforeseen circumstances which results to changes in the delivery schedule, we further inform in advance and offer alternative arrangements.

What logistics is applicable to deliver items? How many days?

We deliver via air or sea freight depending on customer’s request.Local shipments via air normally arrives 1-3 days after departure while export airshipments take 2-4 days.The sea shipment lead time depends whether it will be shipped via LCL or FCL freightconditions.Regardless, we make necessary adjustments with our departure schedule in order tocater customer’s ETA schedule request.

How do you forecast the materials for multiple items at once?

Our standard lead time from PO receiving to delivery is 3 months (although this couldvary due to few factors such as PO volume, customer requests, capacity restrictions,etc.). The 3-month lead time is inclusive of 2 months material procurement time and 1month processing time. This standard is communicated to customers so they canarrange PO and forecast information accordingly in consideration of this information.